Day Surgery

Angels in Aprons takes the worry out of getting to and from day surgery.

We understand having surgery, even when it's a day procedure, can be an anxious time.

We'll be there to pick you up from home, pack your hospital bags, take you to hospital, fill out necessary paperwork and wave you off into surgery.

The recovery nurse will call us when it's time to collect you. We will pick you up, fill any scripts for medication you need, transport you safely home and stay with you overnight if need be to reassure you as you recover from the effects of surgery.

We can contact your family and let them know how you are.

We'll also be there to transport you to any follow-up appointments, including follow-up tests for eye surgery which usually take place the following morning.

Of course, if you want support for longer our Angels can provide as much or as little help as you need.

"We Are Your Someone When Your Someone Is Not There"