Family Care

No matter what type of family you have, emergencies and life changes happen and sometimes you need a little help, whether you’re dealing with illness, caring for a sick child or ageing parent or just need some support when you feel overwhelmed.

We lead busier lives than ever before, and it’s increasingly hard to balance work and family life.

That’s why we created Angels in Aprons, one of Brisbane’s most respected and flexible care and support services that provides short-term help and long-term care for mothers and families, people dealing with chronic illness, carers and older people wanting to stay independent at home.

No matter who's in your family, we can help, from supporting new mothers to providing nanny services or household management for busy families and supporting "sandwich generation" carers who are looking after ageing parents as well as busy children.

Help At Stressful Times

We know stress doesn't just happen in emergency situations.

You might need help with making arrangements and packing for moving house, getting ready for holidays and having pets and your home cared for while you're away or arranging a special occasion that's just happened to come up when work is very busy.

Busy parents might need help collecting children from school and taking them to after school activities, or organising an afternoon tea and homework routine.

No matter what your family needs, we'll help you through your busy times.



Emergency Support

When there's an emergency to deal with, your family's regular needs and activities don't stop. If you're feeling like you need to be in two places at once, that's when we can help.

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Mothers Aide

Preparing for and welcoming a new baby is a busy time! We'll be there to provide support throughout your pregnancy journey and help you make the most of your time with your new addition once you get home.

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Nanny Services

Carers you can trust to make your return to work seamless, with no worries about being late for child care pickups! We'll keep your children's routines running smoothly while you're at work, including school pick-ups and drop-offs.

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Mother & Baby Respite

Sometimes having a new baby at home can be exhausting, particularly when you or another family member is unwell. Let us give you a little extra support to give you the time you need to rest and adjust.

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Cancer / Mental Illness / Chronic Illness

Our Angels can provide short or longer term support to help you get to appointments and ensure things are taken care of at home if you need to attend treatment or go to hospital, or are having trouble dealing with the basics of daily life. Let us share the load and help you get back on your feet sooner.

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Meal Preparation

Cooking a meal for the family can be the last thing you feel like when you walk through the door after a busy day, or if you're sick or caring for a sick child. We'll prepare fresh, home-cooked nutritious meals so all you need to do is heat and serve.

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Whether you need help getting the children to extra-curricular activities or are having trouble juggling all the tasks associated with moving house, we can help.

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Hospital Support

Being stuck in hospital and worried about what's happening at home is no fun. We'll ensure you have everything you need in hospital and keep things running smoothly at home if you're ill, or sit with sick children in hospital while you take a much-needed break.

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Day Surgery

Are you worried about your day surgery procedure? We'll get you there and bring you home, organise meals and routines and make sure you're safe and fully recovered.

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Managing Your Home

No matter how organised you are, when you have a busy family there are some tasks that seem to stay on the bottom of the To Do list. Let us arrange appointments, vehicle services and spring cleans and give you more time for the things that matter.

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Regional Visits

Travelling from out of town for treatment? Let us pick you up, settle you in, transport you to and from hospital and support you during your stay.

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Registered Nurse Services

After an extended hospital stay coming home can be a big step. We recognise many people need additional support while they recover from surgery or illness. 

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"We Are Your Someone When Your Someone Is Not There"