Hospital Support

Bedbound and away from home is no fun, particularly if your stay in hospital is longer than expected and you’re worrying about family at home.

For children, a hospital stay can be particularly distressing and it can be hard for Mums and Dads to divide their time between children in hospital and family at home.

Our Angels will sit with your little one while you take a much-needed break or spend time at home.

We’ll stay by their bedside and help keep them calm and entertained until you return.

If you’re the one off your feet in hospital and you don’t have the support of family close by, we can provide you with the simple conveniences and comforts you take for granted like a clean change of clothes, your favourite magazine or your favourite toothpaste.

We’ll also be there to keep things running smoothly at home– from organising school pickups to arranging afternoon tea, dinner and bed.

"We Are Your Someone When Your Someone Is Not There"