Meal Preparation

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

That's why in addition to our meal services for people living at home - cooking for and eating with our clients and delivering fresh, nutritious meals - we started our meal support service for people spending an extended stay in hospital, recovering from chemotherapy or cancer treatment or living in residential aged care.

In Australia, research shows up to 60 per cent of older people in hospitals and aged care are at risk of malnutrition - and not because high quality food is not available.

Sometimes physical challenges like arthritis make it hard to open packages, or people with dementia are confused and distracted by their environment and don't have time to eat before their food is cleared away. When people are undergoing chemotherapy or other harsh treatments loss of appetite can be a problem, having an Angel to cook your favourite meals can make a big difference.

Our meal support Angels provide families who can't be there to help at mealtime with much-needed relief and peace of mind.

Our qualified and caring team will provide one-on-one support, a smiling face, a companion to eat and talk with and help in overcoming some of the physical and emotional challenges of meal times, whether at home or in care.

Our meal support angels can:

  • Visit clients in hospital or residential aged care and be there for meal times to provide one-on-one support and a friendly helping hand
  • Help with residential aged care clients who choose a different schedule. Some clients say they don't want to wake early to go to breakfast, or they'd prefer to eat dinner a little later. Our Angels can be there to take residents out for a meal or bring a picnic to eat on site.
  • Shop and cook with people receiving in-home or bring home-cooked meals to eat with them.

The advantages are:

  • For clients: Social support to ease isolation and help regain confidence building relationships, better nutrition due to support and company at mealtimes, leading to better health outcomes. Let us put a smile on your face with your favourite tastes and smells.
  • For families: Peace of mind when you can't be there at mealtime knowing our Angels will help create the best possible health outcomes and providing the friendly companion and one-on-one time busy staff can't always offer
  • For aged care providers: The opportunity to provide families with an additional service option that supports high standards of care and helps create exceptional quality of life for residents and client.
"We Are Your Someone When Your Someone Is Not There"