Mothers Aide

Getting ready to welcome a new baby is an exciting time, whether you're a first-time or experienced mum.

One guarantee is that there'll be plenty to do, and you might need some help.

Angels in Aprons are here to work beside you right through your pregnancy journey, from assisting with the baby shower to preparing the nursery, supporting you through IVF appointments and making your preparation seamless! 

We'll also provide support when a parent or child is sick or other emergencies arise, helping with your everyday needs to keep things running smoothly with your new addition.


Before your baby arrives

Not everyone has family close by to support them in what can be a busy time preparing for baby, particularly if you're working.

We'll share the load and work with you to help with everything from attending medical appointments to shopping for baby, preparing the nursery and packing for hospital.

If you're on your own or your family are far away, we'll be there when it's time to go to hospital too, to provide transport and get you settled in with everything you need.


Once home - 

After your bundle of joy arrives we will be there to give you confidence that everything is being looked after, and a bit of pampering to ensure you feel your very best at this exhilarating and exhausting time. 

We can even tidy up your home and keep an eye on baby while you have a much-needed rest!  Let us take some of the load, so that you can spend more time with your beautiful new baby.


Our Mother's Aide service includes help with:

  • Attending antenatal appointments
  • Packing for your hospital stay
  • Hospital services – covering your needs while in hospital, including fresh clothes and clothes and nappies for bub
  •  Transport- for when you can't drive, for example after a caesarean
  • Bed rest services and assistance
  •  IVF Support
  •  Organising baby shower
  • Preparing the nursery
  •  Personal/baby shopping
  •  Attending birth classes
  • Shopping for maternity wear
  • Returning Home support
  • Caesarean Section support for the 6-8 weeks after birth
"We Are Your Someone When Your Someone Is Not There"