Hi Sharon (and Angels)
I just wanted to drop a note to you and all your wonderful "Angels In Apron's" helpers - finding your service has been a huge bonus for me and a weight off my mind.
Being a senior citizen - who resides alone and doesn't have family or friends who are readily able to assist with hospital or doctor visits I frequently encountered problems trying to arrange transport to deliver or collect me from various medical appointments - now I can happily say that problem has been removed and I can have peace of mind when organizing essential visits knowing your company will be able to assist.

I am extremely appreciative of the services provided and the friendly and supportive staff.

Kind Regards

- Rosemary Gooding

In October 2012 our Mum, Kay Dunn had a fall in her backyard and this caused considerable distress to her and her children living in Bundaberg and Maleny. She was due to be admitted into Wesley for ongoing stem cell treatment however the fall made the Mum's anxiety and depression much worse. Her children having both young families and full time jobs combined with distance to travel were unable to sit with Mum for the duration of her treatment which was several months.
Before Mums fall, we had organised with Sharon Douglas from Angels in Aprons to tend to Mum's needs while she was in hospital. What family Mum had in Brisbane lived at the Gold Coast and were elderly themselves so they were unable to tend to Mum’s shopping and talk to Mum when loneliness and anxiety was at its peak.
We found Sharon Douglas from Angels in Apron a blessing. Sharon was our ears and eyes while Mum was in hospital, going out of her way to talk to us, advising us of Mum's concerns and some concerns that Mum didn't want to worry her family about but was imperative that her children knew. Sharon not only tended to Mum's shopping but also was her friend. Mum lost her husband to cancer 8 years ago and had depression along with all the other side effects of stem cell treatment, both being extremely difficult for Mum to accept and cope with. Sharon organised Mum to have her haircut, coffee down at the cafeteria while still being attached to a drip, a manicure and pedicure and a birthday celebration complete with present. All of these gestures not only put a smile on Mum's face but gave Mum her dignity and gave her ego a much needed boost.
Mum spoke of Sharon as her Angel always there to assist her to get through the long days and so looked forward to Sharon visiting. Sharon always was professional in everything she did for Mum and we aware that she treated OUR mum like her mum. We totally recommend Sharon and her team from Angels in Apron as when you live 5 hours away from where your mum is in hospital it is a relief and peace of mind to know that someone is there for her. Even though Mum is not with us anymore, Sharon is now family to us.
- Jeff & Sian Dunn

I cannot recommend "Angels in Aprons", run by Sharon Douglas and her staff, highly enough.  She has been a 'Life-Saver' to us in providing the sort of extra care to my elderly mother we are unable to provide due to distance and our own health. 

She fills the gap between the services available in the community, hospitals and aged care facilities and whatever a person's needs are. Little things like getting a book or mum's chocolate treat to organising transport to appointments and other things important to a person's well being, especially if they are aged or sick. "Angels in Aprons" has given our family peace of mind knowing our mother is well taken care of, when we are unable to.

Sharon and her staff are very perceptive, anticipating what is needed and go ahead and deliver it. The "Angels" really are angels.  They look after loved ones, providing the extras, small or large that they need. 

The difference they have made to our lives is enormous.  We have been relying on their help for over 12 months and they have never let us down while mum has been in and out of the Holy Spirit Hospital. We can't thank them enough.

- Cathy Pangalo, Therese Nolan-Brown and Imelda Newton

c/- C. Pangalo

Contact details withheld

Over the past 18 months my husband has been in the ICU at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and also had a number of stays at St Andrews Hospital , Spring Hill.

Sharon and her staff have held my hand through all of the ups and downs, even when we thought we might lose my husband Scotty, liasing with the doctors,  staff, and our families in Mackay when I was too upset to cope with the situation alone, to getting Scotty home and arranging services to help him recover safely.  Also assisting me personally with all of my needs while my husband has been unwell.

I would not hesitate to recommend Angels in Aprons, ever!  And I get great comfort in knowing I can call them at any time (as I do) and I will have their support  always.

Mrs & Mrs Shirley & Allan Wilson (Scotty)

Contact details withheld

Thank you for coming our way - Angelos and I have loved having you.

What a wonderful "gap" you fill and we do wish you every success with your aptly named "Angels in Aprons" !  With your positive attitude of "tell me what I can do to help you" and your relaxed and friendly style...  your visits have been a real pleasure for us (even though you beat Angelos at Scrabble!!)  Well done.

I am sure we will see you and your other Care Angel Michelle again Sharon, but in the meantime with very many Thanks and all good wishes.

- Angelos and Eileen xx

"We Are Your Someone When Your Someone Is Not There"