About Us

Angels in Aprons is one of Brisbane’s most respected home care and family support providers.

We provide emergency short-term and long-term care and support where and when you need it – when you need someone and your someone can’t be there, that’s when you call us.

Whether you’re ageing at home, recovering from illness or simply overloaded and feeling the pressure of dealing with a busy family, our warm and caring team will be there to share the load and help you regain or retain your health and wellbeing.

We are specialists in supporting people with dementia and chronic illness and are proud to be a recognised Dementia Friendly organisation.

Continuity of care at home, in hospital or aged care

Our founder Sharon Douglas created the company in 2011 after volunteering as a hospital visitor and realising that people without immediate family support often fell through the gaps in the hospital and aged care systems.

Her goal was to provide people with the small comforts many missed out on while in hospital and the support they needed to thrive once they returned home – from a well-stocked fridge to clean sheets and transport to follow-up care.

In line with the needs of our clients, the service expanded in every direction to take in everything from support for new mothers to Home Care Package services.

The result is a service that provides real continuity of care that meets the needs of each client as they change.

Supporting family members of all ages

Today, Angels in Aprons has become a provider of choice for major community organisations with a team of dedicated Angels who offer services including home care, in-home carer respite, family support, mother’s aide, chronic illness support, hospital support and in-home 24-hour and palliative care.

Sharon’s ongoing focus has been to build an exceptional care team and create a service which is different because of its flexibility and responsiveness to client needs, its highly professional, stable and reliable carers and its warm and positive approach.

Our services include:

  • Home Care and personal care
  • Transition care
  • Dementia and chronic illness care and hospital support
  • 24-hour care including RN services
  • In-home carer respite
  • Social support
  • Transport
  • Regional visitors support
  • Day surgery support
  • Domestic assistance
  • Family support
  • Mother’s aide and nannying
  • Meal support
  • Palliative care

Recommended by multiple agencies

We have been linked to, mentioned by, and recommended by many Australian-published stories over the years, such as the Courier Mail, The Senior, and the Daily Telegraph, among Take 5!, the QCWA, and many others.

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"We Are Your Someone When Your Someone Is Not There"