Home Care Packages (HCPs)

Consumer Directed Care

Angels in Aprons is known for helping people to get the most out of their Home Care Package, ensuring the process is easy and stress-free, giving you more time to enjoy the benefits. We were founded on the principles of consumer-directed care, which means we work with you to provide support when you need it, where you need it and how you need it, with a smile on our face.

It’s not just about basic care – the benefits you get from your Home Care Package can relate to anything that gives you confidence and helps you keep doing the things you love at home and stay connected to your community.

There are four levels of Home Care Packages. Angels in Aprons provides a flexible, responsive service designed to give you the care you need and adapt with you as your needs change. Our Angels will be there to guide you through the process, from your ACAT assessment to planning for your daily needs.


Case Management

Angels in Aprons offers Care Management with a holistic approach planning and coordinating your care and changing needs.

Care management is at the core and what we are passionate about. We are here to help our clients stay independent and engaged, whether that be support during or after a hospital stay, or ageing in place. From the moment we meet, you will be assured that you and your care needs will be our priority (including the family).

People are unique and the way we deal with an individual's care should always be designed and maintained with you and your changing needs. We encourage you to be involved in the management of your care and the decisions made.


My Aged Care will allocate a package to you at one of the following levels:

Levels 1 and 2: which supports people with basic/low level care needs (eg a weekly clean, weekly grocery shop or a social visit)

Level 3: supports people with intermediate care needs (eg daily medical prompting, meal support, domestic support, shopping, a daily visit and a weekly outing)

Level 4: supports people with high level care needs (all the above plus more hours to cover nursing, dementia care, wound care. Our Angels provide flexible, holistic support including clinical and nursing support in your home to suit your changing needs.)


So where do you start? Sometimes the process can seem a little overwhelming so we have put together a step by step guide to help you to receive your HCP sooner.

8 Steps to help receive your HCP quicker:

STEP 1: GP or Hospital Discharge books an ACAT assessment for you (Aged Care Assessment Team) 

STEP 2: ACAT Visit you – usually a short meeting to discuss how you are managing your day to day activities, finding out what support would best suit you.

STEP 3: Receive letter from Department of Human Services stating, “you have been “approved” for a home care package” level 1,2,3 or 4

STEP 4: Phone MAC(My Aged Care) as soon as possible to confirm your name is on the National Wait List - Phone1800 200 422

STEP 5: Keep following up with MAC! NOTE- You can accept a lower level (ie L2) while you are waiting for a higher level (ie L4) (You can also fund your HCP package privately with us, we will ensure a seamless transition when your package is assigned to you) 

STEP 6: Receive letter from Department of Human Services confirming “you have been “assigned”a home care package”. You will have an activation code eg 1 – XXXXX in a rectangle box at the bottom of the first page.

STEP 7: Phone your preferred provider with your activation code who will enter it into the government portal

STEP 8: Start receiving visits!
















Already set up with your HCP but not happy with your provider? Below is a step by step guide to changing your provider. Remember it's YOUR package and YOUR care - you should be happy with your provider, knowing that they will arrive ON time, and give you the service EVERY time that you expect and deserve.

6 Steps to help you change providers:

STEP 1: Find a new Home Care Provider

Phone around and ask potential new providers questions…  Do you have set up and exit fees, what are your management and administration fees, what are your hourly rates, will you have the same carer each week, can you change your service requirements at short notice, can they provide a variety of services such as nursing and allied health, transport and appointment assist, meal preparation and social outing, home and garden maintenance …then compare this information to Angels in Aprons …the premium home care provider

STEP 2: Phone My Aged Care on 1800200422

Once you have chosen the provider of choice let My Aged Care know that you are changing providers and ask them to reactivate your referral code. Write this 10-digit number down

STEP 3: Call your Current Provider

Let your current provider know you are ceasing services with them. Work out a final date for services. Most providers have a 14-day notice period…some may have up to 30 days.

STEP 4: Call Angels in Aprons

Give your new provider, Angels in Aprons, your activated referral code and the cessation date of your old providers services. Angels in Aprons will accept the code in My Aged Care and align your package with our services.

STEP 5: Angels in Aprons will provide you with a Package Agreement

This easily understood package agreement will include a budget and a support plan. Sign and return this agreement (via email or post)

STEP 6: Commence service with Angels in Aprons on the agreed date.

Angels in Aprons will make this process quick and seamless for you. We will step you through each stage and be happy to assist with any queries 






















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